About Us

Who We Are

The Tayside and Perthshire Law Project (Tayper“) is a pro bono organisation. We operate throughout the region, offering a range of community outreach programmes that are designed to empower local people through education on the law and how it affects them. We also have initiatives that are designed to improve employability prospects and break down barriers to higher education.

Our organisation, operated entirely by students, is part of the Casus Omissus family, which also includes the award-winning Aberdeen Law Project and the Highlands and Islands Law Project.

We officially launched in July 2020 after months of preparatory work, in which co-founders Ryan Whelan, Jonathan Goodyear and Robyn Canning have worked hard to bring together an exceptional Board and student team, while finalising the suite of initiatives to be made available throughout Tayside and Perthshire.

The Casus Omissus network exists to serve its communities. We are therefore always happy to hear from you, and particularly so if you have ideas of things that we could do to help you or others in the community who are facing hardship.

Our Initiatives

We  offer a range of different community outreach iniatives, including:

Ambassadors’ Project
The Ambassadors’ team work to help pupils access further education, especially the study of law. We offer “A Day in the Life of a Law Student” experience and run Q&A sessions so that people can get a feel for what it is like to study at university. On a more practical level, we offer prospective students mentoring and assistance with applications and CVs. The teaching format of this project varies. We can do it in group sessions or one-to-one.

Small Business Initiative (SBI)
The SBI is targeted at those looking to start a small business or third-sector organisation. Guidance on a variety of topics – from corporate structures to intellectual property – is provided. Team may also be able to help you navigate the process of finding and talking to a solicitor too, meaning that prospective business owners can have a familiar face with them throughout the process.

Language Barrier Initiative (LBI)
The LBI serves as an interface for those unable to communicate fluently in English to access various different services, including TayPer’s own initiatives. We translate a range of languages, including Polish, Romanian, German, Spanish and French.

Renters’ Rights Project (RRP)
The RRP aims to make renters aware of their rights through various presentations, workshops and media campaigns, as well as by partnering with local organisations. We know first-hand through our work that the better a renter’s knowledge of their rights is, the more likely they are to able to avoid common pitfalls and disputes with their landlord.

Employment Project
The Employment Project aims to make employees aware of their rights and dispel common misconceptions. The team offer a range of different material – in both print and digital formats – and work with local organisations to keep the community informed.

Homelessness Project
The Homelessness Project serves homeless people, and those on the brink of becoming homeless, and assists them with things like accessing housing or benefits. We work with local charities to facilitate this.

Digitial Crime Awareness Project (DCAP)
DCAP is targeted at secondary school pupils and aims to give them the information they need to stay safe online. We cover, amongst other things, the dangers of underage imagery, cat fishing, grooming, trolling, mobbing, and revenge porn, to help pupils identify and protect themselves against these potential crimes.We also offer a workshop for teachers and parents/guardians that aims to help with identifying signs and behaviour which could indicate a child is facing difficulty or danger online. This workshop also includes practical tips on the steps that  parents/guardians can take to help.

The Drug Abuse Prevention Project (DAPP)
DAPP is targeted at both primary and secondary school pupils and aims to raise awareness of the risks associated with substance use. The workshop covers health risks, both mental and physical, as well as the impact substance abuse has on users and their communities. Alcohol Drugs Action, Aberdeenshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership, and Police Scotland’s STOP Unit, have been involved in the development of this project from its inception.

Prisons Project
The Prisons Project began in HMP Grampian and aims to help smooth the transition back to normal life those prisoners due for imminent release. The team run a variety of workshops aimed at everything from budgeting to how to navigate the process of finding a job and disclosing past convictions.